Standing up for Toronto–Danforth


  • Critic for Energy and the Climate Crisis.
  • Voted Best MPP by readers of NOW Magazine twice.
  • For the 2018 election, Peter is one of only seven Ontario candidates endorsed by the non-partisan environmental group GreenPAC. Peter is also endorsed by two teacher’s unions: Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (Toronto) and the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association (Toronto Secondary).

  • Peter is the NDP critic for energy and for environment and climate change issues.  He’s a leader in the fight to end the privatization of Hydro, keep communities safe from toxins and protect our future from the effects of climate change.

  • Peter has also served as adviser to Jack Layton on climate change, a Toronto councillor and the executive director of Greenpeace Canada. He’s done government relations for the Ontario Nurses Association and chaired Toronto’s Board of Health. 

  • Peter has an adult son, Anton, and lives with his partner, Shawn Kerwin. She’s a professor and theatre designer.


 Some of Peter’s accomplishments, so far, for Toronto-Danforth, include:

  • stopping a high voltage transmission line from being built down Donlands Avenue
  • helping local community groups restore  needed funding

  • setting up mobile clinics to serve constituents

  • leading the fight to stop door-to-door energy marketers


    Because of Peter’s work in the legislature:

  • renters in buildings put up after 1991 are now under rent control

  • students have legal protection to use the title Gay-Straight Alliance in their schools

  • parents who lose a child can get a leave of absence without losing their jobs

  • June 22 is Chinese-Canadian Head Tax Redress Day


    Peter continues his fight to:

  • protect us from climate change

  • make sure Ontario restores operating funding for our overcrowded public transit

  • set up real rent control and build affordable housing

  • make the fossil fuel companies liable for the harm they cause

  • restore a publicly-owned hydro system

  • create universal dental care and pharmacare

  • see that parents can afford good quality child care in their community