August 5th, 2020

NDP’s Taylor: Families deserve immediate access to fully-funded autism support, not more delays and window-dressing

HAMILTON – Official Opposition NDP Children and Youth Services critic Monique Taylor (Hamilton Mountain) has issued a statement in response to the Ford government’s decision to reinstate foundational family services that were removed last year:

“Families of children with autism are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted during the pandemic without access to the therapy and mental health supports they desperately need. Their lives were put on hold when the Ford government ripped away their support system, and now they are being forced to wait until at least 2021 for a replacement.

The minister’s announcement of the reinstatement of foundational services, that he ripped away from families last year, is just more window-dressing. It’s insulting to families who are sick and tired of waiting for the Ford government to deliver the fully-funded needs-based program they were promised.

The Ford government’s shameful delaying tactics are prolonging the agony for families, and will cause irreparable damage to many children's developmental potential.

Families of children with autism deserve an inclusive, fully funded OAP right away that meets their needs. Every day they are forced to wait, brings more pain and more despair to a community that’s already suffered enough.”